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This site allows you to quickly and easily purchase hunting, angling and trapping licences, review your previous licence purchases, apply for the big game draw, review your big game draw applications and pool status, and to view or update your account information.

Big Game Draw

SpeciesTotal ApplicantsDrawnUnsuccessfulZone 99
Moose 42,051 5,898 33,517 2,636
Mule Deer 32,313 3,987 26,074 2,252
Elk 28,122 3,249 20,866 4,007
Antlerless Mule Deer 11,068 3,279 6,843 946
Youth (Antlerless Mule Deer) 655 475 180
Canadian Resident White-tailed Deer 3,599 1,256 2,343

Important Information

  • The next free fishing weekend is February 18th to 20th, 2017. An angling license is not required to angle on these days; however, free fishing weekend does not apply in national parks and anyone planning to take fish out of the province must purchase a license.
  • In order to purchase a licence through your web account, you will need to have access to a printer.
  • Hunters are encouraged to obtain a convenience pack of seals or ledgers prior to purchasing a big game hunting licence, Canadian or non-resident game bird licence or Lac la Ronge endorsement.
  • If ordering a licence that requires seals or harvest ledger (including Lac la Ronge endorsement), be aware that you cannot hunt until you have received the licence in the mail. If you cannot wait for your licence to arrive (10 days), please purchase your licence from a ministry office or private licence issuer.
  • Saskatchewan residents can use the 'Saskatchewan Residency Verification' feature available at the top of the page to confirm that they can be successfully verified as a Saskatchewan resident. This will ensure that you will not have any issues when purchasing licences or applying for the big game draw.
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