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Outfitter Client Record Reporting Instructions


What to expect

The Saskatchewan Outfitter Client Record Reporting is now hosted on HAL. Each outfitter will be required to have a HAL web account (HAL ID and password) and sign in to the Outfitter Sign-in page to view, edit, complete and declare all Outfitter Client Record Reports for guided black bear and white-tailed. If you are endorsed for game bird outfitting, you will be required to continue reporting your clients through paper forms as in previous years. Your outfitter account will continue to be accessible from this login going forward.


Online Client Record Reports are available to all white-tailed deer and black bear outfitters. Client Record Reports can be completed for black bear beginning April 15, 2018, and for white-tailed deer beginning September 1, 2018. All reports must be completed and a declaration submitted by January 31st, as per section 3.2 of your outfitter’s licence.


Create Login

To create your outfitter web sign in, you will need your outfitter HAL ID and must have a valid email address on your outfitter HAL account. If you do not have an email on your account or do not know your outfitter HAL ID, you can contact the Aspira (formerly ACTIVE Network) Help Desk (1-888-773-8450) for assistance with adding an email address or getting your HAL ID.
Once you have created your password, your outfitter HAL ID and password will be required for all future logins. To sign in, visit or click the ‘Outfitter Login’ link located at the bottom of the website.
If you do not have a HAL password for your outfitter account, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your HAL ID in the “First Time Sign-in” form to have a link sent to your email registered with HAL.
  3. outfitter screenshot 1
  4. Check your email for a “Create Password Request” email from Active Network/Aspira. Follow the link in that email to create your HAL password.
  5. Once your password has been created, return to to sign in using your HAL and password.
You can find a link to the outfitter sign in page in the footer by scrolling to the bottom of the page. outfitter screenshot 2

Account Summary

The Account Summary page in your Outfitter account will display how many hunter reports must be completed prior to submitting your declaration. Remember that activity reports will only be visible once Resource Allocation Licences have been associated to your clients and they have purchased their guided licences.
outfitter screenshot 3
Note the menu on the left hand side of the page. From here you may also review Activity Reports and change your account password.

Completing Activity Reports by Hunter

  1. Click “Activity Reports” from the menu. Here you will see a summary of all your required and completed reports. Reports are grouped by hunter, so if you have one client that purchased multiple licences using your allocations, all licences associated with that hunter will show up together. If you do not have any clients for the year, simply complete the declaration prior to the deadline (see Declare and Submit section).
  2. To search for a specific hunter, you can use the search box (black arrow). Searches can be completed by using HAL ID or Last Name.
  3. You can filter your submitted reports by year (red arrow). outfitter screenshot 4
  4. To start or edit a report, click on the “View/Edit Report” button for a specific hunter.
  5. If a hunter has purchased multiple licences using your allocations, you will see all those licence reports display on a single page.
  6. outfitter screenshot 5
  7. Enter the number of days hunted, and then save. You may need to tab to the next field, click/tap on a blank part of the page to have the next part of the question populate. You can also Save Changes to see the next portion of the question. If you have a client that did not make their hunt, enter zero as the number of days hunted.
  8. If the client harvested an animal, report the kill date and location (if required).
  9. outfitter screenshot 6
  10. After these details are completed, click the “Save Changes” button in the bottom right corner of the page (you may need to scroll down).
  11. If you have incorrectly entered information, you must fix the errors described in the error message at the top of the page.

Reviewing Your Report

Once you have created reports for your clients, you can review and edit completed reports from the “Activity Reports” menu prior to the deadline.

Declare and Submit

Once all reports are complete and have been reviewed, you are ready to start your declaration. outfitter screenshot 7
All of your clients’ reports will display on screen. At the bottom of the page, you must check the declaration box, and then submit your declaration. By checking the declaration box, you are confirming that your reports are complete and an accurate representation of your outfitter client record reporting as required by section 3.2 of your outfitter licence.

Your Completed Report

Once your final report has been submitted, you will see a summary screen with the date your declaration was submitted. outfitter screenshot 8

Questions or Troubleshooting

If you have any questions or trouble completing your report, please contact us for assistance.

Password Assistance

You may reset your password online using the “Forgot Password” link on the Sign-in page. If you do not have an email on your HAL account, you can contact the Aspira Help Desk (1-855-848-4775) for assistance.

My Outfitter Account vs My Account

Note that your outfitter account is not the same as a personal HAL web account used to purchase personal licences. Your outfitter account can only be used to purchase Resource Allocation Licences (RALs) and manage Client Record Reports.