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Angling Licences
Angling Licences
Angling Licences

Welcome to Saskatchewan's Online Hunting, Angling & Trapping Licence Sales!

This site will allow you to quickly and easily purchase a hunting, angling or trapping licence and view or update your account information.

In order to purchase a hunting, trapping or angling licence in Saskatchewan you are required to select and use a personal form of identification. This identifier will be used to access your automated hunting and angling licence (HAL) account. Please ensure you select an identifier that you always carry with you. A recommended choice would be your driver's licence. However other choices are available.

Note: In order to purchase a licence online, you will need to have access to a printer.

Note: Only one HAL account is required per individual.

Note: Hunters are encouraged to obtain a convenience pack of seals from a licence issuer, ministry or select provincial park office before purchasing a big game licence.

Hunters please note that unless you have a seal or ledger obtained in a convenience pack your licence and seal will be mailed to you.

You will not be able to hunt until your licence arrives in the mail (up to 10 business days).

Please purchase your licence from a ministry office or licence issuer if you are unable to wait for your licence to arrive.